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2 responses to “Submit your story

  1. tracee theriault

    My mom was told i was mildly restarted when i was a baby whent to a special school for kids with lerning disability and behavior problems glengarda in windsor ont. Suisidal thoughts started when i was 12 first attempt i was 16 i was also a cutter i was told i was bypolar when i was 18 and ocd ive ben in and out of hospital from 14 till 38 off and on i did good for 4 years till i was having a hard time for the loss of my dog buster brown who i had for 12 years since he was 4a weeks old he had heart dease i was drugged up alot in my life i finally have the write medications i even had nurses mean to me but the last stay there were nice because of the abouse from my father had cause the bypolar to get worse at 14 he made me write a hundred times i must not be a retarded i was also anorexia as well thats what i can remember so far i was also in london Hamilton and st thomas and windsor hospital as well i have a lerning disability as well so my spelling wont be perfectly


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